FAQs : Bill Related

  • Bills are prepared and dispatched as per your billing cycle. Bill delivery is done thru a very efficient and dependable bill delivery system. The bills generally are delivered in your letter box.

    In case you have not recieved your bill, you may -

    1. Avail a copy of your bill by registering your service on the portal or by writing to connect.ahd@torrentpower.com.

    2. Call the Call Center on (079) 22551912 / 66551912 and register your request on the IVR. Please do ensure to keep your Service number handy, if you are calling for the first time.

    We urge you to register for the ebill facility and save nature by accepting soft copies in your inbox month on month.

  • After your meter is connected, Torrent Power classifies your service into a unique ‘Group’ and ‘Lot’ for the purpose of billing. This Group and Lot mentioned on the top Middle Part of your bill, determines the date and month in which your meter will be read.

    Once the meter reading is done, the same is processed and the bill is printed. This printed bill is delivered to you thru a professional bill delivery agency.

  • Making changes in your billing addresses is simple. You may -

    1. Walk upto any of the nearest Service Centers and complete the documentary requirements or send us an email with relevant documents on connect.ahd@torrentpower.com . Billing change would be effected in the subsequent billing cycle.

  • Normally bills are prepared based on the actual consumption recorded in the meter. Differance in bills are as a result of actual units consumed, Eg in summer due to higher usage of airconditioners, we generally see a surge in units consumed, hence billed amount.

    Request you to use our energy calculator on this portal to see how a few more/less hours of usage impacts the units consumed.

  • Assesed bills are sent in case a meter was not read for reasons like either the premises of the consumer was found locked/inaccessible, or in some rare cases, if the meter display has becomes faulty. Hence, the meter remains unread & the consumer gets a assessed bill. 

    As the name suggestes, such bills are assesed based on your previous billing pattern. On resolving the meter reading issues, the billing amount would be debited or credited, as the case may be, in the subsquent bill cycle.

  • Non Payment of bills is the main reason for disconnection. In case the due amount is not paid within 15 days of the notice issued, your power supply is liable to be disconnected.

    Such delayed payment would be accepted only at our Plug Point, easy pay outlets and also through our online mode.

    The connection can be restored on payment of outstanding amount, along with reconnection charges and additional security deposit, if required.

  • In case where the cheque issued is dishonoured by your bank, you are requied to make the payment thru demand draft or cash.

  • In case the premises is going to be closed for 6 months, you may -

    1. Apply for temporary disconnection. The forms can be downloaded from the "download" section on this portal.

    2. Bills for minimum fix line charges would be genrated and delivered. you can either pay online, or may also prefer & pay in advance.

    3. Once the premises is re-opened within 6 months, connection can be restored by paying a nominal charge of Rs 100/- for residential connections.

    4. In case if the connection is not restored within 180 days from the date of disconnection, same will be treated as availing a new connection & a fresh application would be required to be submitted alongwith ownership documents, charges and deposits as applicable.