FAQs : Complaint Related

  • connect.torrentpower.com is the easiest and most convenient option for you to manage your Torrent Power account. Registering No Power Complaints and Billing complaints is very simple. 

    1. No Power Complaint

    If you are facing a power failure at your premise, you can instantly get your complaint registered by registering and logging into your account.

    Step One - check if your service is under an outage by entering your service number in the Outage Checker tab. If your service number is under an outage, it means we have already received a complaint regarding power failure in your area and our team is on the job. No more steps are required as your power will be restored soon!

    Step Two - If your service is not under an outage, you can instantly register your complaint by clicking on  “My Dashboard”>>”Register Complaint”>> “Power Related”.

    You will get a confirmation message and an approximate restoration time. 

    2. Bill Related Complaint 

    If you have not received your bill, you can register a complaint by clicking on Register a complaint on your Dashboard, then clicking on Bill Related. 

    You will then get two options - download your bill instantly, and register a complaint for non-delivery. 

    We suggest you subscribe for our E-Bill service to avoid such occurrences in the future!

    Additionally, you can also register your complaints by calling the Torrent Power Call Centre on 22551912 / 66551912. Our upgraded Interactive Voice Response system will easily register your complaint.

    Alternately you can register your complaints by writing to us at connect.ahd@torrentpower.com or by visiting any of our Customer Service Centres.

    In case you prefer calling the call center or visiting the service centers, please do not forget to keep your service number handy.