FAQs : Tariff

  • The highlights of the new tariff are as under.

    • No increase in regular tariffs of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Surat area consumers for FY 2018-19.
    • The FPPPA charge recovery is capped at Rs. 2.11/Unit.

  • The new tariff will be made applicable to all customers effective 1st April 2018 onwards. 

  • The Prompt Payment Discount (PPD) was offered to the consumers in their Regular bills and such rebate was then allowed to be recovered as expenses in the tariff determination process. In the new Tariff Order, issued by Hon GERC, recovery of such expense through tariff has been discontinued. Hence, Prompt Payment Discount has been discontinued wef 1st April 2016.


  • FPPPA is an acronym for Fuel Power Purchase Price Adjustment. 

    The FPPPA charge varies from quarter to quarter, in accordance with a formula approved by the Hon’ble GERC, on account of variations in actual cost of power procurement and volume. The FPPPA rate is charged on every unit of consumption in the monthly or Bi monthly bill of consumers.

  • Category Govt Duty (%)
    AD_GLPAs Per Purpose
    Category Govt Duty (%)
    Residential - LTMD15%
    Commercial - LTMD25%
    Industrial - LTMD10%
    Industrial - HT15%
    Commercial - HT25%


    Non RGP tariff :   

    • Hostel @11.25 % ,
    • Hotel & Restaurant (on Declaration from customer) @10 % (LT/LTMD) & @   15 % (HT)
    • Hospital  (on Declaration from customer ) @ 15 % (LT/LTMD/HT)